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Group Sessions

Taking care of your well-being is far from selfish. We're all becoming increasingly aware just how much our mental state affects the way we function every single day.

These group sessions are an affordable way to experience several different classes to find the one that fits your needs and nurtures your wellbeing.

Numbers of each group are kept low to ensure you get the most out of each session, allowing everyone to feel comfortable.

The Vitality Rooms in Chippenham is a safe, welcoming space for you to share, relax and unwind.

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Power Animal Group Meditation

Are you interested in connecting with your animal guides and discovering your power animal? Meditation is a brilliant way to relax, unwind and leave the stresses of daily life behind. Therefore this is your opportunity for a bit of me time and self care whilst enjoying the relaxing meditation part of the session. The other part of this session is the journey you will go on during meditation. This is the time to allow your animal guides to make themselves known and connect with you. They are there to support you on life’s adventures. Also, during this journey you will get the opportunity to meet your power animal, the animal that is your main support and guide in the spiritual world of animals. So why are power animals so important? Well, some say that your power animal is a representation of yourself which allows you to discover more about yourself and perhaps go on a deeper journey of self discovery. It’s also an opportunity to meet your power animal and build the connection between you, so when times are challenging or hard you can call upon them to offer strength and support. So what will happen at these group sessions? 1) A brief introduction. 2) Guided visualisation to relax and calm. 3) During the visualisation you will meet your animal guides and be given the opportunity to connect with your power animal. 4) A brief discussion about your power animal, if you wish to share. 5) Close the session.

Fee £15

Past Life Regression Group

Have you ever considered who you were or what you experienced in a previous life? Are you ready to explore any past lives you may of had and see what connections there are in relation to your current life? Are you keen to connect with yourself on a deeper level? These group sessions are designed to help you discover more about yourself and help you discover any negative associations from a past life that could be having an impact on your present. What will happen at these group sessions? 1) An introduction to the session. 2) Guided visualisation taking you back to before you were born in this life. 3) Optional discussion time to share what you discovered. 4) Look at the possible connections to your present life. 5) A second guided visualisation to return to your past life. 6) Healing to your past self. 7) Close the session.

Fee £20

Group Meditation With Reiki

An opportunity to relax, unwind and leave the stresses of daily life behind. A fantastic way to care for you, your well being and your mental health.  Suitable for all skill levels, no experience needed what so ever.  Everyone is welcome here. It's your opportunity for ’me time’  Your time to focus on you and your well being and to relax.  Meditation has many benefits and is a brilliant way to unwind, and combining this with the powerful healing energy of Reiki allows for a very tranquil hour.  Whilst in a relaxed, meditative state you are more open to Reiki which enhances the healing, making it a fantastic combination. So what will happen at these group sessions? 1) There will be a brief introduction where I will also answer any questions you may have. 2) As a group we set the intent for the evening. 3) Guided meditation. 4) Reiki healing offered for the last part of the meditation. 5) Close the session.

Fee £10

Creative Stress Reduction Group Workshop

Life can be extremely stressful and overwhelming at times, but the need to keep going in the current climate means that more and more people are having to cope with increased stress, which, in itself, is stressful. This group session provides a safe, non judgemental space and these workshops are designed to help reduce some of that stress, through the powerful combination of creative expression and relaxing hypnosis. Creative expression is a way of channelling your thoughts and feelings onto paper using crayons, pens or pencils. The expression on paper can tell a great deal about what’s going on inside, without the need for deep discussion or over thinking. So how does this work with relaxing hypnosis? Hypnosis will guide your mind into a calm and relaxed state allowing you the opportunity to explore what’s really going on without your conscious mind getting in the way of your true feelings. This, in turn, will allow it to spill out on the paper. There will be a different focus topic for each creative stress reduction workshop, all focused on the top stresses in life. All skill levels welcome. No artist talents required. From blobs on the page to stick people, each unique expression tells so much without it needing to be fit for an art gallery. ​ Please keep an eye on my Social Media pages for dates and to see which focus topic is next.

Fee £25


"Hi Roseanne, I just wanted to say thank you for your help and support over the last few months. With your help I have now lost over a stone and have managed to keep on top of my low days.
Once again, thank you".

Rachel Reeve

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