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A Gift For Yourself This Christmas

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Christmas can be a challenging time for many for a wide range of reasons.

If you are finding Christmas tough this year please know you aren't alone 🤗

Christmas is often advertised everywhere as soon as Autumn hits, meaning there's little escape from the constant reminders of all the things society expects at Christmas!

Did you know?

It's okay to feel however you feel about Christmas! Despite what pressures come from society it's actually okay to feel how you do!

One of the biggest things that come with Christmas is the pressure that Christmas is a time family.

But how can you celebrate if your family aren't healthy for you?

How do you cope if being in larger groups isn't for you?

What if you don't have a family or suffering the loss of a loved one?

Family's come together caving to the pressure that 'it's the done thing' despite the fact often they don't see each other all year round, would rather not spend time together and perhaps just aren't a healthy group set up.

People struggle with the pressure of group gatherings all in the aid of the Christmas spirit. Yet many people prefer not to go to such things all year round but at Christmas once again that pressure becomes unbearable.

Many people feel the pain of someone missing at Christmas yet struggle with the guilt that they should be happy as it's Christmas, in turn hiding their true feelings deep inside.

Others don't have a family for what ever reason and once again society parades in the spirit of Christmas you should be with your family, leaving those without feeling even more lonely or like they are doing something wrong!

But what if I told you something important?


So what do I mean?

Well I'm here to tell you what society expects and what society gets can be two very different things.

👉This Christmas put yourself first and do what ever is right for you!

👉Listen to your needs and do what feels right for you

👉Feel those feelings and express them in a healthy way

👉Say NO to things you don't want to do

👉Make your own rules and start your own traditions

Doing these things may sound scary at first but with practice it can become the norm!

Often the elements of guilt over doing what is right for you stems from childhood but again you can work through this, therapy can be a great way to get the root cause of these feelings.


So take care of yourself this Christmas

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