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Group Meditation with Reiki

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

🥳 Group Meditation with Reiki will continue in 2023🥳

Many of you have been asking whether these relaxing sessions will continue - I’m pleased to say yes!!!

Due to popular demand they will continue!!!

🎉 2023 - the sessions will start on Tuesday 17th January at 7:30pm

🎉 The sessions will run fortnightly

🎉 Numbers will still be limited so booking is essential

🎉 Still at The Vitality Rooms in Chippenham

🎉🎉 But the price has changed - now just £10!!

No longer will it be £12 pp per session, with the option to book 5 for £50!

With the current climate I’ve decided that everyone deserves the special offer price, whether you attend once or 5 times or more!!

🎄Sessions left before Christmas🎄

Friday 2nd December

Tuesday 6th December

Friday 16th December

Friday 22nd December

An opportunity to relax, unwind and leave the stresses of daily life behind!

Come along to these group meditation sessions to meet with like minded people

A fantastic way to care for you, your well being and your mental health

Suitable for all skill levels, no experience needed what so ever!

Everyone is welcome here!

🧘🏻Your opportunity for ’me time’

🧘🏻 Your opportunity to focus on you, your well being and relax!!!

So what will happen at these sessions?

👉Brief introduction & I will answer any questions you have

👉As a group set your intent for the evening

👉Guided meditation

👉Reiki healing offered for the last part of the meditation

👉Close the session

Meditation has many benefits and it’s a brilliant way to unwind

While in a relaxed meditative state you are more open to Reiki which enhances the healing so it’s a fantastic combination!

👉Held at The Vitality Rooms in Chippenham

With its calm, relaxing and warm vibe it's the perfect place to unwind!

👇Head to my website to get touch and secure your place today

🧘‍♀️Some of the benefits of meditation:

•relaxing, it’s a great way to unwind and calm your mind

•it’s great for your overall well being

•it can help with focus or achieving a goal

•it’s a great way to support your mental health

•it can help you feel calmer in stressful situations and day to day

•gives you a space for me time

•it’s been proven to help with stress levels and reduce blood pressure

👉Get in touch to book your place today to avoid missing out!

Numbers are limited so booking is required!

👇Last sessions before Christmas👇

Now with very limted availability:

Friday 2nd December

Tuesday 6th December

Friday 16th December

Friday 22nd December


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