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Mental Health

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Did you know struggling with your mental health is a common issue. Yet far too many suffer in silence, along with no where to turn.

Struggling with mental health can have a huge impact on your daily life and self worth!

Signs someone is struggling:

• they become distant

• they may not reply or take a long time to reply to messages

• they may not answer phone calls

• they may become withdrawn

• they may take time off work

• they may get poorly more often

• they may not take part in things they once enjoyed

• their appearance may change

• things can become overwhelming very quickly

However often people hide what’s going on behind the smile, behind the ‘I’m fine thanks, how are you’.

People struggling don’t want to be a burden and can worry what others may say.

Mental health isn’t just a bad day! Nor is it something to be laughed at!

You don’t judge someone who’s sick with a serious illness (like cancer for example) mental health is just the same, it’s an illness and just like other illness’s there are things that can help!

There are charities which can often help or sometimes local GP’s can point you in the right direction but lately I keep hearing from clients the help available isn’t enough and the wait is too long.

Private therapy is another option and as there are many different types of therapy out there it’s important to find one that suits you.

No two people are the same so your therapy journey is always going to be unique to you.

It’s worth chatting to a few therapists to see who you feel most comfortable with before making a decision……most therapists expect this and it’s absolutely no bother.

Really important….. all feelings are normal, natural and really okay!

Any feelings you experience, feel them, process them and find a healthy outlet to express them!

What is a healthy outlet?

It’s a way to express or get out what you are feeling without having a negative impact on yourself or anyone around you.

Often people suppress their feelings or hide them, burying them deep within which causes other issues and one day these feelings find a way out in some way shape or form.

What can you do to get these feelings out in a healthy way?

Okay so some examples of healthy outlets:

  1. Anger - perhaps in a room or space alone, shout and scream it all out! Allow the anger to fill up and pour out your mouth verbally. Some people like to put loud music on while doing this.

  2. Sadness - perhaps listen to sad music or watch a sad film and let the tears flow. Whether it’s one or billions of tears, just let them out.

  3. Frustration - perhaps scream, scream scream, scream. Like a boiling kettle just let it boil out!

Sometimes there are no words or the words are hard to find and that’s okay!

Did you know art or creativity is very helpful at expressing feelings without the need for words or communication?

Perhaps grab some pens or pencils and some paper and have a doddle, even scribbling all over the paper can be helpful!

Did you know sometimes just having a good shake or by wriggling your body can help release some of the feelings?

Shake every part of your body, especially your hands, just like shaking off water from wet hands. This can be really helpful and it doesn’t take long to do!

So what things can you do at home for yourself to help your own mental health and well-being?

  1. No matter whether you have some where to be or not, aim to get up every morning at a similar time

  2. Have a wash or better yet a bath or shower every day

  3. Set yourself one small task or job to do each day, even if you don’t feel like it, push yourself to complete this task or job

  4. Get outside, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, make it count. Garden or beyond, nature is always there waiting and it can be so healing

  5. Keep hydrated, it’s so important to ensure you give your body enough fluids and where possible some water

  6. If people ask how you are, you are welcome to say ‘I’m not okay’

Mental health isn’t just a bad day!

Asking for help maybe the bravest thing you ever do 💪

👇For those looking to express their thoughts and feelings in creative form I run an online Art Hypnotherapy Programme which is done at your own pace with support and regular appointments with myself.

Please see my website for further details.

Where I offer in person appointments 👇

Sandridge Tower, Bromham, Wiltshire

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