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Self Care Challenge

With the new year fast approaching the time for new year resolutions comes once again

Please note this challenge can be carried out any time of year - there's no need to wait for a new year to start caring for yourself even better than before!!!

What is the Self Care Challenge?

It is a challenge I'm setting you to help you get used to putting your needs and self care as a priority

What's involved?

Each day for 21 days you allocate a small amount of time completing one self care task

Why 21 days?

Well 21 days allows enough time for it to become a new habbit going forward

Will it require much time?

Each day you set your own task to complete and there are no rules in terms of time frames. The task could be, for example 10 minutes or an hour or more

What will it cost to take part?

There's no fee to take part, and the daily tasks are set by yourself so they could be ones which are completely free

Are there any rules?

Just to do what is right for you and what you are comfortable with

Self care is a necessity not a luxury

Ready to get started? Read on👇

Prior to getting started I'd recommend deciding if you are going to plan all 21 days tasks upfront or the night before each day or on the morning of the day

You may find it beneficial to write down either on paper/notebook/phone/computer a list of your tasks and as you complete them tick them off. This can help you feel more motivated and enjoy the sense of achievement

Depending on your circumstances it may also help to plan a rough time each day to carry out your task and let anyone else in the household know at this time they are to respect your space

It's important to set a healthy boundary so that whilst you carry out your task you are able to enjoy it to the fullest and make the most of it

This is your self care, me time so during this time you shouldn't be disturbed and it's okay to ask people to respect this

If your task involves others then it's important to set the boundaries clearly so everyone involved knows what's expected of them, that way you can all feel the benefits

The idea of this challenge is to highlight the importance of caring for you and your needs!

Far too often life becomes so busy and daily responsibilities take over, leaving you constantly battling the ongoing cycle of needing to get things done yet feeling overwhelmed or exhausted!

They say you can't pour from an empty cup, so it's time to learn how one small act of self care each day can make such a difference to your wellbeing!

Below is a list of task ideas!

They are just suggestions so make sure you tailor your tasks to what works for you and what you will enjoy

  • Going out for a walk

  • Sitting down with your feet up for a cuppa

  • Hobby time

  • Attending a class/session to relax

  • Attending a class/session to exercise

  • Eating a piece of healthy food

  • Having a relaxing bath or shower

  • Applying a face mask/at home facial

  • Going for a beauty treatment

  • Giving yourself some pampering at home

  • Spending some time with no computer/phone/TV devices

  • Doing a little workout/exercise

  • Dancing and singing

  • Meditating

  • Focusing on your breathing to promote calm

  • Trying something new

  • Drink more water

  • Spending time outside with nature

  • Listening to music

  • Expressing your feelings using a healthy outlet

  • Making a healthy meal to enjoy

  • Arranging a catch up with a friend

  • Invest in yourself with therapy

  • Learn something new

  • Organise your wardrobe/desk/bedroom/house

  • Light a candle or use low lighting and sit quietly and cozy up with a blanket

  • Stop and do nothing

  • Ground yourself

  • Read a book

  • Arts & crafts or colouring

  • Have a massage

  • Enjoy some healing/healing type treatments

  • Allow your bare feet to connect with nature/earth

  • Enjoy a special outing somewhere

  • Write down your dreams and goals

  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you love about yourself

  • List the things you are proud of in your life

  • Put on a special outfit and get dressed up

  • Go to bed early

  • Move your body in some way

  • Speak to yourself with kindness and love

  • Doing something you want to do for yourself but keep putting off

Feel free to share your Self Care Challenge journey and tag me! I'd love to support you

Selfie of me taken recently on a self care outing, enjoying a walk with nature in the snow and frost

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